Your Home Inspection Includes A Free Housefax Report

Free housefax report with every home inspection

Know BEFORE You Buy!

What Is A Housefax Property Report?

If you have ever requested a Carfax report when buying a used car, you know the importance of getting a complete history before you buy. This becomes even more important when you're making one of the most critical financial investments of your lifetime.

Housefax is one of the most comprehensive property reports available – with more than 200 data points. Housefax gives you the peace of mind you deserve by giving you insight on a property that is clearly laid out in a single report from a trusted and impartial source.


Housefax Reports are the leading property reports in the industry. Each Housefax Report includes specific property and neighborhood details compiled by Housefax, plus valuable insights including:

  • Extensive property details
  • Property checklist
  • Transaction and sales history
  • Fire and other property incidents
  • Natural hazard risk history
  • Flood zone proximity
  • Distance to nearest fire station
  • Building permits and contractor history (where available)
  • Utility information
  • Local schools
  • Nearby sales

Save time

You can spend hours of research and lots of driving to get all the information you want on just ONE property. Housefax searches millions of records for you in seconds - saving your valuable time

Save money

Coupled with your home inspection, Housefax Property Reports let you become aware of homes with potential issues that could cost you thousands of dollars

Where Does Housefax Obtain Data?

Housefax has partnerships with a number of public and private sources. The data in each Housefax Report is pulled on demand from regularly updated databases — Millions of data points are searched. For census and related info, we use the most recent reports available.